“As project manager for our new building in Alameda, California, Mark Klatke made my job very, very easy. He handled all of the requirements we had and dealt with all of the builders and construction crew. He understood not only what our vision was, but also what our company needed. The end product was a beautiful building that is extremely functional for us.”


Kevin Leininger,

President, Bron Tapes of California




Our Superintendents have over 20 years of field experience in the trades.  They are experts at site layout, planning, reading plans, scheduling, quality control and documentation.   Each one has a particular streak of creativity, insightfulness, or raw determination that they bring to the work.  Each Superintendent is equipped with advanced technology and communication devices and are trained in efficient use of those management tools, setting each project up for sucess

Klatke Construction Corporation is a boutique General Contractor focusing on both commercial and major residential construction and remodeling projects. ​​With Extensive experience in commercial construction, Klatke offers professional management of residential projects while staying dedicated to the high level of craftsmanship that is required in residential projects​.  We also bring that level of detail and craftsmanship to our commercial construction ventures. 

"Mark Klatke was the Project Manager hired by the construction company to manage the construction of our corporate headquarters, a 43,000-square-foot pre-engineered metal building. At the time I had limited experience managing a construction job.

On a weekly basis, Mark and the superintendent came up with ideas or suggestions that would either make the project flow better or improve the quality of the building. It comes down to this: when you're working on a big construction project and dealing with all kinds of vendors and subcontractors, you need somebody who has common sense, experience, and a sense of humor. Mark Klatke exhibits all of those traits. I would recommend his company's services to anybody."


David Plothow,

Colorado General Manager,

H & E Equipment Services