This space-age looking building was purchased by Lockheed Martin in the 1990s.  The facility is over 700,000 square feet in size and required extensive remodeling to meet DOD standards. LMC Properties contacted our company during its second phase of remodeling because they were concerned that the previous construction manager had not managed the contract and budget properly.  The general contractor presented a GMP at 60% completion that was $1 million more than the Capital Expenditure Request (CER).  

We responded within days and after four weeks of investigation and negotiation the project was within budget. LMC gave us full project managment responsibility for this project and eight subsequent projects. 

We found that the programming information was not clearly specified within the Contact Documents. Our OAC meeting format was refined to thoroughly review the various departmental needs and the projects ran very smoothly.  We successfully completed over $50 million in construction over a period of three years.