Marc B, Superintendant

Jane Bocko, Controller

Jane Has a MBA in finance from the University of Denver and accounting degree from Metro State College. Jane worked previously for Kiewit Construction as an Office Manager.

Jose Rosales, Assistant Superintendent

Jose has spent 18 years in the construction industry.  He has worked  in the landscaping arena and has spent years as a foreman running crews of 5 – 20 men.  He has handled many kinds of jobs- and the varied personalities that come along with them.   His language skills make him a valued resource in our company for communicating with workers whose first  language is not English.  Jose is an excellent task manager; he possesses a good eye for identifying, 1) the scope of a problem and 2) how to fix it.  He is currently enrolled as a student at Red Rocks Community College, improving his skills as he moves into cost estimating and project supervision.

Mark Klatke, Chief Estimator/Project Manager

Mark has been in the construction business for his entire professional career, working his way up- from an apprentice carpenter during college, to Project Manager of multi million dollar jobs.  His experience includes projects of varying size from budgets of $500,000 to $20 million.  These projects include various types of construction from Tenant Finish to Engineered Steel to Historic Preservation.   He holds a Masters Degree in Real Estate and Construction Management from University of Denver.  Mark brings a deep familiarity with the ins and outs the building process, from a great variety of real life situations   He keeps a bird’s eye perspective on a situation- a result of overseeing complex building projects where scores of professionals are involved.